Sunday, February 3, 2008

My Purse

Ok, here you go, I know you were waiting on the edge of your seat!

Here is my new purse, isn't it darling? And I didn't even break a needle sewing it this time. AND I used my yo yo maker to make and accent for it.

I love this one. It has pockets all the way around the inside so there is plenty of storage for my cell phone, keys, cherry carmex, gum, library get the picture.

I love it, I'm a happy girl! And I didn't even swear while making it. I did however swear when I left to go to the hospital and got stuck in the dang driveway UGH. The snowplow left a huge pile of snow across the end of the driveway and the car got totally stuck. I had to swap B cars and he had to spend his evening digging the little car out of the snow bank. And stupid me, I was so ticked at getting stuck I didn't even think to take a picture of my poor little car sticking halfway out in the road.

When I got home from the hospital three hours later, he was still working on digging it out. And he has the flu. Poor guy. It's a good thing he loves me.