Saturday, February 2, 2008

October 23, 2007

In a recent General Conference (LDS/Mormon weekend of direction from our church leaders) one of the speakers spoke about writing in journals and naming the ways we noticed we had been blessed by God on that day.

So here is my list for today.

#1 My husband woke up from surgery. You may think this is a small thing but I had a real fear that he wouldn't. I had a nightmare the night before that they doctors came in and said "I'm sorry Mrs. B, we did everything we could but..."

Do you have any idea how hard it is to kiss your husband goodbye and watch them wheel him down the hall after a dream like that? Then to worry for an hour, thinking the doctor should come any second and tell you how the surgery went, just to have them come in and say there was a delay and they hadn't even started yet and you had to worry for another hour *sigh* but he woke up. Several hours worth of fervent prayers answered right there!

#2 My MIL was several hours late picking up the boys. So they got to sit at the hospital with me for three loooooong hours and they were so good. They were quiet, didn't get hyper and were so cute with B. They kissed him goodbye and said "See you when you're done" and it just melted my heart.

#3 I have some really great friends. They laugh with me when I am feeling goofy, they bring me back down to earth when I need it, they listen to me whine when I am upset with B and still love him when I am done. They watch my kids for me when I am in a pinch, they hang out with me when I need some "non-kid" time. They are just really great friends all the way around!

#4 My MIL brought frozen peas for my DH so he would have "ice packs". I appreciate her going out of her way like that

I have pictures of B after surgery acting all goofy, he would probably kill me if I posted one, but I am tempted anyway LOL