Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Sneak Preview

My middle finger is KILLING ME!

No, I have not been running around flipping people off and taxing un-used muscles in my poor finger. I have been sewing the most darling Halloween wall hanging. So why is my finger sore you ask? Because in the process of pushing the needle through several layers of fabric, I have managed to push the eye end (The big end that the thread goes through) including the thread, through the tip of my finger about three million times today. OUCH!!! It is throbbing.

The picture above is a sneak preview of the wall hanging to come. I have all the applique done now, I just have to do the sashing, piece and then attach the border, then sew on the buttons adn it will be done.

I didn't think there was any chance that it would get finished before Halloween, and there probably still isn't LOL but since B had surgery on tuesday, I feel guilty leaving him sitting downstairs in the recliner by himself, so I have been sitting down there with him a lot and getting lots of sewing done.

The pattern I am working on was a free pattern from the Holiday Shop Hop from "Stitches and Sewforth" in Payson, Utah. CUTE store, I wish it wasn't so dang far away or I would go back, but I have a feeling it is going to be one of those shop hop only kind of stores *Sigh* She did have my favorite quilt pattern though. Each store has a store quilt and they give you the pattern for it. Most quilts are traditional pieced blocks, but I have this little soft spot for applique and when I saw this one... well I just had to make it. When you see the finished quilt you will know why.

Ok, on to my blessings for today...

#1 PF swept the kitchen floor for me. He wasn't exactly happy about it, but it helped me so much. Sweeping is one of my worst hated chores. I don't mind vacuuming, but I despise sweeping and with my boys I end up doing it several times a day.

#2 Parker helped me make sugar cookie dough. We are going to roll them out and bake them tomorrow, I am hoping all three boys will want to help.

#3 I got the grocery shopping done. Another of my hated chores. I wish someone could just plan menus and do the shopping for me. And it would be really great if they could cook it too, I need a personal chef!

#4 it has been so nice to get to spend so much time with B. He works so hard and is so seldom home, it has been so nice to have him around more. He isn't happy about being confined to a chair for most of the day, he is an "Always on the move" kinda guy and it bugs him to be so inactive but it is nice to have him here hangin' with the boys and me.

We rented Transformers from redbox yesterday and it was such a nice family time, we don't get nearly enough of that.

Ok, off to bed, it's late and I am tired.

Here is another sneak preview because I can't help myself