Saturday, February 2, 2008

Mom! K is hurt and you can see the bone!!!!

Not a phrase any mother wants to hear!

My heart dropped to my stomach and I took off on a dead run. However when I got to the porch I stood frozen. Where was my child?

The instant I heard that K was hurt I had a picture in my head of my son laying in the road with blood everywhere.

I can't tell you how many times I have drilled, lectured, and yelled about them riding their bikes in the road and yet it never seems to sink in. They were supposed to be outside riding their bikes, I was cleaning up the kitchen after having frosted all the sugar cookies and I just KNEW he had been hit by a car, I just knew it.

But the road was empty, he wasn't there, where was he????

They had given up on riding their bikes and were playing tag, he had run to the neighbors yard and tripped, slamming his little leg into their raised flower bed, the landscape brick tore a gash into his little shin.

He was screaming, there was blood everywhere and it really did look like bone sticking out of the gaping wound in his leg. I was sick. I do not get queasy at the sight of injuries, I find them fascinating, but the thought that my poor sweet little boy could have a compound fracture made me sick to my stomach.

I reached out and touched the bone sticking through his leg, big sigh of relief, it wasn't bone (it really did look like it though) it was soft. I scooped him up and ran for the house. He dripped blood all over the carpet. Got him to the bathroom and cleaned his leg up.

Yep, definitely need stitches, sorry pal.

Off to instacare. I grab him from the car seat, leave B lollygagging in the car (Remember he just had surgery on tuesday, he isn't exactly moving fast but he refused to stay home) and dash for the door. CRAP!!! They aren't automatic sliding doors, who's brilliant idea was this??? UGH.

I look around, and there is a handicapped button, I walk over, hit it.....nothing UUUUUUUUUGH!

Go back and try to open the door without dropping K, B is coming up behind me but is still about ten feet away, MAN this kid is heavy, gonna drop him, look up to see a young curly headed boy running for the door, he opens the inner door and a cop who was inside comes bolting to open the outer door for me, I walk in and head for a chair, I have no clue where B is at this point, hopefully he is still upright somewhere behind me.

Cop grabs a wheelchair for K, and I am finally able to set him down.

Get him signed in and they take us right back much to the annoyance of the majority of the people in the waiting room. Sorry, I guess hemmoraging blood everywhere trumps your runny nose .

Poor K, I feel so bad for him. Somehow my children have all got this thing where they metabolize pain medication too fast. K had to have three sets of lidocaine injections before his stitches were done.

He has four deep tissue stitches, and nine surface stitches. Thirteen all together! Poor kid. He was so brave though, he would let out a yelp every so often as his medication wore off, but other than that, he lay there, happy as a clam, talking about everything under the sun.

He liked the bed, it's comfy, he wants to take it home LOL

The doctor was great, the nurse was awesome and I have my little guy home safe and sound.

It was a gnarly wound though, he had big chunks of fat errupting from the hole ICK. His stitched wound looks like the smile on a smiley face, I told him we needed to give it two eyes. He is upset that he is going to have a scar, but I am so glad it isn't as bad as I initially feared. Thankfully no broken bones, just broken skin.

We met Mom (Who came over to stay with the twins) at Wendy's and had dinner and all boys are now tucked in bed and dreaming.

What a night....what a week!

Blessings for today

#1 K's wound being so much more minor than I feared upon hearing "You can see his BONE!"

#2 B is still functioning after sitting upright in a doctors office for two hours (I still think he would have been better off at home)

#3 I got my wall hanging top done YAY, but no pictures yet sorry.

#4 I have a great mom, I can't tell you how many times she has had to take care of my kids while we take one of them to insta-care or the ER. She just takes it all in stride and never complains. We are blessed.