Sunday, February 3, 2008


I have this friend named Jen. We met eight years ago under less than stellar circumstances. We were room mates in the hospital after each delivering premature babies. I had just had the twins at 29 weeks and she had just had her son C at 31.

We bonded over the horror of prematurity.

She was so good to me. I had had a c-section and couldn't drive for six weeks, so after we were both released from the hospital, she would pick me up every morning and drive me to the hospital so we could each visit our children. I don't know what I would have done without her, she was my salvation and her mother was my angel (Another story for another time).

Anyway, Jen and I are polar opposites! I am the short, chubby, stay at home mom, who dresses in jeans and knit tops.

She is the executive mom, a drug rep for a major pharmaceuticals company who always has perfect hair and makeup and a tiny little slim figure always dressed in the latest fashion trends.

I am the craft queen (Because I do them all, not because I am the best LOL) she does NOTHING crafty, it's not her cup of tea.

I can't imagine not being able to be home with my kids, she can't imagine having to give up her career.

You see where I'm getting?

So anyway.. every time I see her, I look like road kill. No, really! I can't be around her for ten minutes and have any kind of self esteem left. And it is nothing she does, she is always gracious, you just know how there is always that one person who makes you feel, through no fault of their own, like you don't measure up.

The last time I saw her I had run into Barnes and Noble to get a book for B. I had been caught in a rain storm without an umbrella at the zoo earlier and looked like a drowned rat.

Today, I am suffering from a stomach bug and a sinus infection (If you want to know pain, try throwing up when your sinuses are making you feel like your cheekbones and eyeballs are going to explode! Ay yi yi). I ran to Wally world at 8:30 am to get some more Advil Cold and Sinus and who should be there?

Yep, you guessed it! I showered yesterday morning then went right back to bed and spent the day there. This morning all I wanted was drugs, I didn't care what I looked like. I had to put a whole can of hairspray on my scary hair just to get it to lay down enough to not look like the bride of Frankenstein post electrocution. I was looking mighty scary to say the least.

*Sigh* just ONCE I would like to look great when she sees me, she probably thinks I am just some pathetic slob.