Sunday, February 3, 2008

Looky Looky

Hey guess what? I sewed today!

I got a great deal on a bundle of fat quarters at Quilter's Haven the other day. They are such fun bright colors I couldn't wait to do something with them. I had this brilliant idea to make a little star sampler quilt for my sewing room. I figured maybe four blocks would be good, which means four different stars.

So I browsed one of my favorite quilt sites looking for some fun stars. I came across the double friendship star and loved it, so I got to work. Got this cute little star done and absolutely loved it.

Went back, browsed some more and found the Amish star. Changed it up a little and got to work. By the time I finally got the star done I laid them side by side and noticed my first mistake.... they are different sizes! The friendship star is 9" and the Amish star is 12". UGH

There is also a mistake in the Amish star which annoys me, but I decided it would be WAY too much work to unpick it all and fix my error so it is going to stay that way.

Here is my Amish Star. Where is the error you ask?

Well as you look at the inner star, see the red triangles, see the blue squares right next to them? Yeah, they're supposed to be red. It totally changes the whole look of the block, but to fix it, I would have to unpick pretty much the entire thing. I am too tired to care at this point LOL.

And after all of this, I decided that I just didn't have room for a roughly 30" quilt on my sewing room wall, so I am going to take just this star and turn it into a little wall hanging. It will hang from the pegs on my green shelf.

I will post another picture when (or if) I ever get it finished.