Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sick of being sick

I have had a cold, sinus something, flu since about the second week of December. It's getting OLD! How is it that I can't breathe, yet my sense of smell is extremely heightened? Everything smells bad to me. I can't even eat because I will put something in front of me and the smell just makes me ill.

I took all the ornaments off the tree yesterday. I hope B gets it taken down today. I am ready for it to be gone. It makes my tiny living room feel so cramped.

Sad to say however that I never did get pictures of our house with the lights up this year. I kept waiting for a snow storm, and then never got around to it, now it's too late, and it will be our last Christmas in this house. The idea makes me want to cry.

And now I can't take a picture because we have this big eyesore of a for sale sign in our front yard, which also makes me want to cry. And on top of the for sale sign, our house is listed online. The pictures of the house are not flattering in any way, shape, or form. They make the house look dark, small, and cluttered. Did I say small? And to top it off, she didn't take any pictures of the best feature of this house, the huge, beautifully landscaped back yard. That is the part of this house that I fell in love with. Even with it covered in snow.

My backyard however, as beautiful as it can be when well maintained, is a full time job, and one that I am torn about. I will mess the beauty of my backyard in full bloom, I will not however miss the three plus hours per day I have to spend weeding in order to keep it looking well maintained and beautiful. I hate weeding between boulders that are full of spiders, I hate spending countless hours pulling weeds from the gravel path. I wish it could be this beautiful, but also maintenance free LOL

I will miss the flowers, the weeds... not so much.