Sunday, February 3, 2008

Nineteen Minutes

Just finished another book. I read this because the peas kept talking about how incredible it was and how it was such a good book.

It was well written, it really made me think and re-evaluate how I might react to some situations.

But it was a very sad and depressing book. It's about a boy who after being bullied his entire life walks into a school and shoots a bunch of people, is captured by the police, and goes to trial.

All it did was make me worry about every little thing I say to my kids (Both my own, and the ones at school). Am I damaging them emotionally? Am I building their self esteem or bringing it down? Do I let them fight their own fights, or try to rescue them from situations? I am just confused, and terrified of screwing up my kids now.

A lot of people really loved this book. It just made me question everything I have ever done as a mother.