Sunday, February 3, 2008

I'm so Lazy

Oh my heck, I accomplished NOTHING today.

B finally put my treadmill together (YAY ME! Weightloss here I come, I am so excited to be able to walk again, without having to brave the snow to go to the gym). And made me help him haul it down the stairs. My life flashed before my eyes a couple of times there, that thing was HEAVY and I was the only thing between it and the wall, I was nearly a smear a couple of times.

After we hauled it downstairs we had to rearrange the family room about ten times to find a place where it would fit and not be a safety hazzard for the boys. That was fun....NOT.

Other than that, I seriously sat on my butt in front of my computer ALL DAY. I accomplished nothing!

I sat here and looked at quilts on, then I found a link posted on there to a site with over 700 links to free quilt blocks, projects, and patterns. I spent the rest of the day looking at quilts and dreaming up things I wanted to make when I am rich enough to be able to afford the dang fabric.

Moda raised their prices. I am so bummed, they are my favorite maker and they are going to be about $11 a yard now according to the lady at the fabric shop. YIKES! So much for my fabric buying days. Luckily I have a healthy stash to get me through.

I found a really cute quilt though. I think with some updated colors, and a little editing of the tackier blocks, it can be really cute. I found it by googling "Cherry" LOL. Lucky find. Not sure if I will ever make it, but I like it. I think it would be cute if you had a huge wall in your kitchen.