Friday, February 15, 2008

A Rose is a Rose...

DH bought flowers for me for Valentine's Day. I am so excited since I have this... ya baby to play with =0P. And now I even have flowers to photograph. I am positively giddy!

Don't you want to just bury your nose in there and breathe deeply? That is the very first thing I did and sadly, for all their beauty, they have barely any scent =0(

I feel your pain buddy, it sucks to be a lone leaf in a room full of roses.

I can FEEL the velvety softness of this petal just looking at the picture.

Yep, I think Fuji and I get along splendidly.


Robyn said...

Ok, besides the fabrics going missing when your house is "mysteriously" broken into, don't even bother to look for your camera. Just kidding. I'd need lessons with it. Er, I mean, the robber would need lessons.