Sunday, February 3, 2008

This Has Been a Hard Week

This week has been really hard for me.

My grandpa is so sick, he doesn't seem to be getting better and I begin to fear he will never leave that hospital. He seems so frail, he is hallucinating (Which really scares me because my other grandpa started hallucinating right before he died), and he at times will recognize us and other times not.

I am beyond frustrated with the hospital staff, they can't make up their minds what they are doing from one minute to the next. Yesterday their plan was to take him in for an angiogram and to place a stent today due to the heart attack he suffered two days ago. Then later last night they decided they were going to do a stress test first. Now this morning they are saying that they are going to re-evaluate and the stress test and the angiogram may not be neccesary. MAKE UP YOUR MINDS!

They are still pushing the colostomy and my grandma is still refusing the surgery.

I am just very worried and scared for him, he is not getting better .

Then last night after we got home from the hospital my cousin Kim called for updates on Grandpa and to tell me that President Hinkley had passed away. Another emotional blow. He was such an incredible man, and I can't imagine anyone being the kind of inspiring and amazing leader for our church that he was. Although I am positive our next prophet will be amazing in his own right. President Hinkley was one of a kind and led our church with humor, strength and a wonderful example of how to live our lives.

Kim also let me know that they had to take her daughter Q in for a CT scan on her belly because the doctor felt a lump. I can only imagine the fear in Kim's heart at this news, she has already had to bury one child, now much more can she take. Thankfully the news was not terrible. Q has an impacted bowel and just needs some help clearing out. We are very thankful that this news was not worse and our prayers are with Q that she is feeling much better soon.

Today I am emotionally spent. I have so much sadness and worry in my heart right now.

Please continue to pray for my Grandpa.

Thank you.