Sunday, February 3, 2008

Why is my hair slimey?

Oh the joys of short term memory loss.

After having the twins I was declared brain damaged. Now my sister might argue that I was that way from birth , and many mothers may claim it is a natural consequence of having offspring, however my doctor seemed to think it was a direct result of massively high blood pressure and probably a little to do with my heart stopping and oxygen deprevation and all that medical crap.

Any way you look at it, I have a memory full of holes and random things fall through at any given time.

I am getting much better at living my life however and have found the best way to do things is by a strict routine.

Take my morning shower for instance.

get in and get wet

shampoo hair

rinse and repeat

apply cream rinse

soap entire body

then soap face (Ironically every single stinkin morning I think "EWWWW I should have washed my face first because now I have butt on my hands, yet the next morning I still wash my body before my face)

shave arm pits (Legs are never shaved in the shower because I am blinder than a bat and could miss half my leg and never know it. Legs must be shaved sitting on the side of the tub with the water trickling from the faucet, and glasses on)

rinse cream rinse from hair

turn off water.

If I deviate from this routine in any way, I screw things up. Without fail.

Take this morning for instance. For some reason I shaved my pits before washing my face. Then I turned off the shower and got out, toweled off, went into the other bathroom to do my hair and thought "Why is my hair slimey????"

UGH I had to go get back into the shower and rinse the conditioner from my hair. *Sigh* being an idiot sucks!

On the same note, if I promise you I will do something and then don't, Please remind me, I didn't NOT do it because I don't care about you, I didn't do it because it fell through one of the millions of rabbits holes in my brain and is now lost in space.

Once again on the same note. As I was leaving school today, I stopped by the office and there was a little kindergartener in there sobbing hysterically. Her parent had forgotten that it was early day and thus was not there to pick her up from school, she was sitting in the office in a school deserted of children, freaking out.

It took me right back to that day when the twins were in kindergarten and I forgot to pick them up. I had that instant sick feeling in my stomach. And dang all those people who scream sexual abuse all the time, we aren't even allowed to hug the children anymore and she sure could have used an arm around her shoulder and a soft voice saying "It's ok, we will find your mom, she will be here soon." *Sigh* Standing three feet away and hearing things will be fine just isn't that comforting KWIM?