Sunday, February 3, 2008

Keep your fingers crossed!

Wish me luck! We are off to have our family picture taken.

I am NOT looking forward to it for a number of reasons...

#1 I have three little boys who think the only way to smile for a picture is a big obnoxious cheeser grin. Add to that the fact that, considering their ages, their teeth look AWFUL. Gaps where missing baby teeth have come out, half gaps where adult teeth are coming in, and HUGE adult teeth that look so akward on their tiny faces. Why oh why did I not do this two years ago when my children still had beautiful, straight, white baby teeth. What was I thinking?

#2 I am FAT and I hate the way I look, so no picture is ever going to make me happy with myself.

#3 I have a husband with perpetual dark circles under his eyes, and who absolutely refuses to smile for a picture, so he sits there with a flat look on his face and always manages to come off looking totally pissed off *sigh*

#4 My youngest has a big bruise on his forhead where one of the boys threw a monster slipper at him, and the little battery pack (They make a growl noise when you take a step) clocked him right in the forhead. It is fading now, so it is a lovely shade of yellow/green.

#5 I have a zit. ME! I have a zit! I never get zits. People always compliment me on my beautiful clear skin (My assumption on this is because people look at me and think EWWW and it is the first thing they can come up with to compliment me on ) But alas, my beautiful clear skin has failed me and I have a zit right below my right eye. It is flourescent pink. Should be lovely.

Yeah, this should be fun *insert huge eye roll here*

All I really want is a nice family picture. One where we all look nice, and I look like I have lost about 300 LBS.

And most of all, I want my grandparents and parents to get off my back about giving them updated pictures LOL You would think they never see us and to have a picture is the only proof they have of our existence.

So.... to wrap this up... Keep your fingers crossed and say your prayers that our picture comes out looking somewhat decent, we all have nice smiles, look cute, and the photographer knows what she is doing!

Our last attempt at family pictures (about seven years ago) were so disastrous that it has taken us this long to even think about attempting it again.