Monday, March 24, 2008

Thrifting finds

So I was working on my Happy Easter banner the other day and decided I needed a different color of glitter than the one I had been using.

Off to the store I went, and though there is a Walmart one mile from my house I went to the other Walmart about ten miles from my house because there is a thrift store next door.

On a trip to the thrift store about a month ago, I had found a red, three tiered metal paper tray. I didn't get it because it was a little more banged up that I had hoped, but I regreted it instantly upon arriving home.

I went back a couple of days later and it was still there, and I talked myself out of it again. It was just a little too shabby and not enough chic if you know what I mean, but once again I was kicking myself when I got home

I went back about a week later and it was gone and I have lived with regret. But when I went the other day I wandered through the back section called the yard sale lot. It is basically huge shelves about 6 feet tall just piled with junk. As I was wandering through I found five pine newel posts, still wrapped in their plastic from the home improvement store for $2. I am not sure what the fascination is, but I am drawn to newel posts! So I bought all five LOL

I then found a darling set of yellow enamel ware bowls that I bought for my sister's kitchen. She has her kitchen decorated in denim blue and daisies and these bowls are a perfect match, and were the second set of yellow bowls I had bought for her in as many days. I just couldn't resist.

I also bought a little wire picnic caddy for my mom. It holds plates, napkins, and silverware.

Then, I was walking down the isle and there was a woman who had several paper trays lined up on the floor and my heart seized. I leaned over and said "Excuse me, are you going to buy the green one?" she said "No, you can take it"

HORAY! Look how cute it is! I brought it home and DH said "Hmmm where should I put my new paper tray?" LOL He roled his eyes at having to store more newel posts but seemed perfectly happy with this purchase.

Also notice the darling vintage reproduction print fabric, I found it at Joann for $6.99 a yard, I am in love with it. I bought everything on the bolt which was sadly only 3/4 of a yard. I think it would have made darling curtains for my kitchen if I had been able to find more.


Robyn said...

Super cute paper tray! :D You go to the WalMart by my mom's house! We'll have to take a DI trip together since you know all the good deals.