Saturday, May 3, 2008


I know it's childish, but just once I would like someone to make a big deal about my birthday.

I would like to recieve an actual gift ON my birthday, not three people telling me,'ll get it next week (Code for "OH CRAP, I totally forgot it was your birthday, I will cover by saying it's in the mail, or I forgot it at home."

I feel forgotten and pushed aside every year. Especially by DH. I must have told him ten times that it would be nice to actually receive a gift ON my birthday. He still said "Happy birthday hon, we'll have to go out next week and find you something" UGH.

I spent the day painting my mom's house. That sucked. But they did take me out to dinner afterward when DH got off work.

My sister, SIL, and cousin all called, but none of my friends did. And my sweet PF gave me a tulip for my birthday =0) He even asked grandma for permission before he picked it.

I don't know, I guess since it is my 35th birthday I thought maybe it would be special. Silly me. I need to learn to lower my expectations. It sucks to feel sad every year. I didn't even get a cake, or a pie (our families preferred version of a birthday cake). I guess I should feel glad that people actually remembered this year. My birthday has been forgotten completely twice in the last ten years.

Of to sit in the corner and feel sorry for myself now =0( And I hate that this bothers me enough to make me feel sorry for myself =0(


Candice said...

Love you Jeanette! I'm sorry you had a hard day!

Anonymous said...

((((Jeanette)))) Sorry you had a rough day. I'm there with ya. I thought my 30th would be special. Nope. My kids made me cards and pictures. That was special. But DH and everyone else, nope. Just another day. :(


Robyn said...

Of course you're allowed to pout. You're turning 25, we should all get a big party. I'd have thrown one for you if you'd had LET ME KNOW, sneaky, sneaky. Anyway, you know I love ya!

Shanae said...

Sorry another crumby year went by. But at least mom and dad are actually in the STATE for your bday LOL See you sometime on Saturday! Love you!