Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Today was a hard day, lots of heart hurts.

I started crying when I got up this morning and it took me all the way 'til the end of church to get the tears stopped. I just know that right now there are so many people I care about who are hurting right now.

I have tried several times to write a post, but it keeps coming out so sad, and that isn't what I wanted for today. It's just hard when so many people I care about are hurting right now.

So I hope everyone had a happy Mother's Day, and took the time out to think about your mom, what she has done for you and what makes you grateful.

My mom, like I have said before is truly my best friend. She is my mirror and when I look at her I see myself reflected back. She is a much better person than I am though, more patient, more kind (I blame my lack of patience on living with three noisy, smelly, hyper boys LOL)

We share the same interests, she has passed her talents on to me (Although I can't come close to her fried chicken or home made gravy). She is my role model and my shining example of the kind of person I want to be.

Love you mom!

At the same time I am VERY grateful for the opportunity I have to be a mother to three beautiful, incredible, and amazing little boys. Every day my life is made brighter by their humor, their love, and their noise.

I am likewise grateful for the chance I have to be Lucey's mom. Although my heart aches, I would not give that pain back if it meant not having had her in my life. I never saw her face, or touched her fingers, but she is my child as much as her brothers are. Her presence in my life has changed me, made me stronger, and for that I am grateful.

I am grateful for my grandmothers, and for B's mom and Aunt Libby. All of whom raised the people I love most. You are all examples to me of how to be a mother and how to do it right (although I am sometimes a poor student).

Happy Mother's Day to all of you, I hope you felt loved!


Liz said...

Your tulips brought a smile to my face. Mine aren't open yet. Keep your chin up - I'm sending you hugs...