Sunday, June 22, 2008

Vacation recap day 1-June 17

There is a lot to be said for going away. Exciting things to see and do, adventure around every turn, laughter and good times shared with family and friends.

We left on Tuesday to go to Bear Lake for four days with my sister and her family. We stayed in a Condo right on the beach and we had beautiful views out our balcony windows of the stunning blue lake.

On day one we traveled. We left home and headed for Walmart to get some snacks and other food items and while we were there, we noticed that they actually had Wii's in stock, six of them even. We finally got our Wii, we have been searching for one since before Christmas. We don't have any games yet, except the ones that came with it, and it's still sealed in the box, but we have it YAY, the boys couldn't be more thrilled.

This is a picture of the boys at the overlook just as you come out of Logan Canyon into Garden City. Down below you see Bear Lake, and to the right (can't be seen) at the southern end of the lake is Sweetwater, the condo's we stayed in. I could have stayed at this overlook for hours, the view was beautiful and there were two hawks cavorting in the air just above us.

We rolled into Sweetwater at about 5 PM and we were SO HOT, driving five hours in 95 degree heat with a broken air conditioner is not my idea of a good time. The first night we just vegged, watched TV and let the kids play together. They went outside on the lawn and played catch with a tennis ball until the mosquitoes came out (Man there were a LOT of mosquitoes!).

After a while the kids all headed to the playground to play because they were "Bored". B and I decided to take a sunset walk on the beach, the sunset sadly wasn't very exciting because there were no clouds darn it.

But we had a good time. The lake was so pretty with the setting sun reflected on it, and everywhere you looked there were little tiny shells. I have never seen so many shells in one place!

When the sun went down we went back to the condo and watched TV then hit the hay, driving in all that heat had totally wiped us out.


Cami said...

Of all my years living in Utah, I have never been to Bear Lake. It is beautiful! My dad will be there in August for another craft show and I think I'll try to make it up there. Or maybe just for a quick weekend vacation. Thanks for sharing the pictures, so very inspiring.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Looks like a lovely part of the world! Glad your boys finally got their wii (my son would dearly love one!)