Monday, June 23, 2008

Vacation recap day 2- June 18th

My children woke up SO CRABBY today, they have done nothing but snap at each other since they got up this morning. This does not bode well for next week when school is out and they will be spending all day together. Yesterday it was all I could do to get them off the computer, they never did go outside and play, they just sat all day long. Maybe they are still tired from vacation, who knows, I just know that this morning has not been a happy time in our household.

Now on to more vacation recaps...

The only thing I really hated about the condo were the back stairs. Holy cow, they were TIGHT, the steps were tall (Big space between each step) and they had no backs (I hate stairs with no backs, I am always afraid I am going to fall through). But they were the stairs we used because if we went out the front we had to walk clear around the complex to get to the lawn, pool, lake, and mini golf course. Everything was accessible by the back stairs. Yuck!

We awoke the morning of day two to cries of "I'm BORED!!!!" So my sister made all the kids a paper airplane and we headed out back for airplane races. We first started by flying them off the deck.

Then when they got sick of climbing up and down those crazy, scary stairs, they graduated to races on the lawn.

When paper airplanes got old, we headed for the pool. This is where we learned the hard way that our sunscreen was expired, we all got a burn. But we had a good time, and the best part about being at the condo mid-week, early in the season is that there was hardly anybody there. There was only one or two other families at the pool, maybe ten people besides us. It was great.

This is my noodle PK acting silly wearing a floaty and his cousin's swim fins.

This is K having a great time splashing around. This was their first time in the pool since last summer and they were all afraid they had "Forgotten" how to swim, so none of them would go in the water without a floaty. Personally I just think they're lazy and like having the floaty to hold them up so they don't have to do any work LOL. (Me too!)

And here is PF. I have such handsome boys don't you think?

We just lounged around the pool for a couple hours (I will spare you pictures of me in a bathing suit YIKES) and relaxed and looked for patterns in the clouds. There was some debate in this one, it is either a shark fin, or the sorting hat from Harry Potter (I am voting for the hat myself).

And I don't have any pictures of the rest of the day, but it was my nephew A's birthday. My sister and I had gone to the teensy tiny grocery store earlier in the day to get some things we needed and decided to get a couple of balls for the kids to play with since uncle J wasn't real thrilled with them playing with his tennis balls. We had Hostess Cupcakes to celebrate A's birthday, then we went out on the grass to open his birthday presents. When he was done we grabbed the two balls we had purchased and played a sort of kick ball game. We just scattered about the lawn in various places and took turns kicking the balls to each other. I wish we would have had more balls, so we could have had more going at once but it was so much fun, I haven't had that much fun in a long time. I didn't take any pictures of it (Too busy playing LOL) but B videoed some of it. What a riot.

After that we took the kids in and put them to bed and the adults played Scatergories and dominoes until way past when we should have gone to bed.