Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Vacation recap day 3- June 19th

Are you sick of these yet? LOL Sorry.

I am not sure when it started, but at some point B and I decided that it was a tradition to involve a little history in every vacation. I love history (Maybe I should be a history teacher when I grow up....hmmmmm) and I am not sure when that happened either because I hated history in school, but now as an adult, I love to learn about the past, I love to see the way they lived, what they wore, how they got around, and what they did for their passtimes.

So we decided that everytime we went on a trip, we would include a little bit of history. My favorite thing to do is go on historic home tours. I also love museums. And this trip was no different. I mentioned to my sister that we like to do this and she said "Hey! I wanted to go to Paris and see the tabernacle" Well that fit the bill, even more so since there was a museum right across the street.

So the men took off for their golf game at the beautiful Bear Lake Golf Course with it's gorgeous views of the lake below.

And my sister and I piled eight kids into two mini vans and took off for Paris, Idaho about 45 minutes away.

The tabernacle was stunning. It was built in 1888 of sandstone and the ceiling was designed by a ship builder, it actually looks like the inverted hull of a ship. The craftsmanship is amazing and it is truly a beautiful building.

These old buildings are just amazing to me, to know that this stone was quarried by hand and carved by hand to fit together, that every door, every bench, every chair, every spindle and every molding was made by hand. They just don't make buildings like this anymore. Back then, things were made with two things in mind, beauty and durability. When did we lose that? When did we become a disposable society who's only thought is to do it the cheapest and the fastest with no thought to beauty or lasting quality? It's just sad.

When I look at these pictures I see women in long dresses, men in their sunday best and children with their hair slicked back and their cheeks rosy from a scrubbing with strong soap. I see bonnets with silk flowers, lace gloves, and shoes that button. I see the past and not the present. It makes me want to go back to better times, and a better way of life. When your work was something to take pride in, not just endure.

I took a picture of this sign that was posted in the little booth where you sign up for tours and I think it says it all, these people truly built a monument to last for generations. (Click on picture for larger, readable, view)

I think that is enough for now, I will continue day three in another post LOL


Shanae said...

That was a great place to visit. Next time let's go without the kids, eh? LOL