Thursday, June 26, 2008

No update this morning

Sorry, no more thrilling vacation pictures this morning, I am off on the shop hop YAY!

We went to one store last night and I have already won something so I am feeling lucky, we also saw a brand new ruler by a lady from here in Utah, to make picco's or prairie points, it is so easy and so fast and you make them in a strip, I was totally astounded at how easy it was, but wow the rulers are expensive! $89 for a set of three (Three different sizes of prairie points) so I didn't buy any. And yesterdays shop quilt was absolutely adorable, I will share a picture when I get a chance to download it.

Hope you all have a fabulous day!


Cami said...

I can't wait for pictures of the shop hop. I can't go to any of it this year and I'm super bummed. With only one car, and a husband who is at school until 8:30 it makes it hard to get to all the shops. I am going to try and get to a few of them in Utah County this weekend though. HOpe you continue to have good luck and win lots!