Saturday, June 28, 2008


When I set off to turn in my mini quilt, the entry form for the contest required that you name your quilt. I chose to name my quilt Validation because it was something I never thought I would be able to do (make 3" quilt squares, with all their itty bitty, teeny tiny pieces, that actually worked out, AND turn them into a quilt).

I doubted my abilities the whole way, but I surprised myself when my little quilt turned out to be quite striking. I knew from the get go that as a beginning quilter, I didn't really stand a chance of winning this contest, after all, I could see every single flaw in my little quilt from the two points I totally cut off in one block, to the sashing that didn't quite line up, to the quilting that wasn't quite the same from block to block, but I loved my little quilt and was proud of it, no matter what, and I didn't need a judge to tell me that I had succeeded in doing something I never thought I could do, and doing it well.

So imagine my utter surprise when we walk into the quilt shop, I am wandering around trying to locate my quilt when I hear my mom's friend Peggy say "It's over here!"

My little quilt...MY little quilt was there, right above the sign in table and pinned to it was a little sign that said "First place winner, Individual Category".

I'm telling you, you could have knocked me over with a feather! All I could manage to do was stand there with my mouth agape. Who would have EVER thought I would be the winner? Certainly not me! Do you know how many quilts I made before this one? Exactly one and a half, this was the first one I had ever 100% finished.

I am bowled over, blown away, and....well....Validated. It was a good name for my little quilt after all!

What did I win you ask? I won a $180 Tutto Quilt On Wheels tote bag. I got to choose between Pink, Green, and Purple. I, of course, chose pink =0P

We have one day left of the quilt shop hop, so I will update with more pictures etc after it's all over, I just couldn't wait to share my news with you all. Have a happy weekend, I know I am floating on cloud nine!


Candice said...

Congratulations Jeanette! You totally deserve it! Everything you make is totally perfect!

Magnolia Street Style said...

Congratulations!! What an exciting honor.

Jacquie said...

Oh my goodness...what a great feeling it must have been. Congratulations! Well deserved I'm sure!

Cami said...

Congrats! So exciting! What a great accomplishment.

Shanae said...

Congratulations again! So glad I could be there to get all misty-eyed with you! It really is a beautiful quilt!

Robyn said...

You are too cute! And your quilt looks great!