Monday, July 14, 2008

I Hit the Milk Glass Motherload!

B is working nights this week and it has been really hard with the boys home to keep them quiet so he can sleep. On top of that, every flippin' neighbor we have is doing fireworks all dang night long so everyone here is sleep deprived and crabby!

I have been trying to keep the arguments to a minimum and everyone downstairs or outside so B can sleep and it has been a frustrating experience. I decided I needed a break for a while so as soon as B got up, I headed off to my favorite thrift store.

I grab a cart just inside the door and make a B-line for the bulk dish (Aka everything other than plates, bowls, and cups) section. Imagine my glee when I see that someone has cleaned out their grandma's cupboards. There was a ton of milk glass today. At this rate I am going to have a full blown collection in under six months!

So lookey here, my awesome deals, I got all of this milk glass (And the two pyrex dishes) for $9. Now B needs to hurry and get my cabinet built so I have somewhere to store it.

DH has agreed to build me a cabinet (If he ever gets any spare time!) to go in my kitchen to take the place of the lovely (NOT) 1990's baker's rack that I am so completely sick of. I hate the way you can see everything on it! I wanted something with doors on the bottom to hide the sadly, seldom used kitchen aid, waffle iron, George Foreman grill etc. And glass doors on the top to show off my gorgeous collection of stoneware bowls and milk glass. I looked for about two years before I finally found what I want. It was on ebay and I showed to DH saying "This is what I want, this color, everything, but I want the top the same depth as the bottom". He said "Why don't you just buy that one?" I said "It's $1,400 plus shipping" He said "Never mind, I will build one" LOL Yeah honey, I thought so too. So here is basically what I want my cabinet to look you love it too?

And last but not least, some other things I grabbed while I was at the thrift store.
A darling red shelf, I think I will put it in my family room. A glass cake cloche, a sweet little victorian couple planter, it says M hearts K on the back. LOVE IT! A big back of cookie cutters, a pressed glass sugar and creamer set that match the butter dish I got a couple of months ago, two glass spice jars, and a cool blue glass Avon candle jar, gotta figure out how to get the candle out, I want to store buttons in it. A tin fish bait sign for the boys' cabin bedroom along with a fake oar with fish on it. And a tin victorian advertisement sign. I love these. It is going in my sewing room.


Shanae said...

You are seriously the queen of cool thrift stuff "bowing down" I love everything you found!

Jacquie said...

You sure did. Wow! Love it all. The thing I love about milk glass is that you can use it. It's almost indestructible even with kids. All our drinking glasses and juice glasses are milk glass and we've never broken one. I can't say that about anything else in my kitchen. Great cabinet too! Can't wait to see the one he builds filled with your treasures.

Liz said...

Wow! Talk about the mother load! I was thrilled to find a set of red sheets for my son today - and for just $3.00. I can't wait to see your cabinet!

Sarah and Jack said...

What a lucky, thrifty day! There are some nice pieces of milk glass there, much better than the usual dime store type vases I see so much of.