Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Shop Hop Loot

So I guess I will share what I bought on the shop hop.

I actually managed to stay within my budget. I even came home with $4 (So did my sister, we thought it was hilarious when we both said we came home with the same amount).

Let me start with the non-quilting stuff. We stopped at the Provo Craft Clearance Center. Man I wish that place was a little closer to home They had some really great deals. The big pink handled stamp on the far right has one complete alphabet on each little wheel, so you can spell whatever you want up to 12 letters. I got it for $1.99! I also got a chipboard K for .25 cents. I got a P for each of the twins, but could never find a K, I am so glad they had one. I also got some black clip rings to go on a curtain rod. I am going to screw the rod to the wall in my living room so I can change out my mini quilts according to season now that I have a Christmas and Halloween one. And then of course, despite the fact that I no longer scrapbook, I can't seem to leave the scrapbook paper alone *Sigh*

We went to Joann's because my mom wanted to get a binding tool that her friend had told her about. So Shanae and I picked out some Christmas fabrics to make table runners out of. I am going to make a simple stripped one like my cherry one. It's amazing how much I love that simple look and heck, it's a LOT faster LOL

Here is a look at my fabric purchases. Tan fat eighths on the bottom left to do the Noah's Ark stitcheries with. Some reds and greens for my Christmas Window's quilt. And the fabrics in the basket are to make the Happy Hour Snapshots quilt. I fell in love with Amanda's (She has actually made several) and have wanted to make one for my living room ever since. It's a good thing she made one first because when I finally saw the one in the pattern book I thought it was really ugly and never would have bought it, or even picked it up to look at it, without her inspiration. The basket is a thrifted find, I want to fill it full of little stuffed gingerbread men and candy canes for Christmas). Some of the rest of these fabrics were won, or free gifts, and a few others I bought just because I liked them.

A closer shot of my happy hour fabrics...

I bought some cute brown rick rack, and this needle threader. If you do applique with straw needles, I HIGHLY recommend this needle threader. You stick your needle in the hole, drape your thread across the crevice and push the button and voila, your needle is threaded! I bought a different one but the threader is too big for the eye of the straw needle, this is the only one with the threader small enough for the tiny eyes of the straw needle. TOTALLY worth the $15 purchase price (If you can find one that is! It's made by Clover)

And here is a picture of the patterns I bought, or won. I won several games at the various stores, and my mom's friend gave me a couple of her prizes because they were more my style than hers. My goal for shop hop was to find some applique patterns that I could "practice" on and I bought a couple of really great ones.

I bought the pattern for this....

And this....

And this... I think these should keep me busy for a while, don't you?


Cami said...

Holy cow, you hit the jackpot! You got tons of great stuff. I really wish I could have made it to the shop hop this time around but it didn't pan out. I'm glad you had fun and got lots of great stuff. It looks like enought to keep you really busy.