Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Second Thoughts

So, if you read my last blog post (Or maybe the one before that) you will know that I am really wanting to make an appliqued quilt. I focused on finding some great applique patterns on the shop hop and I am excited about the ones I found.

I started this cute little stitchery from a Bareroots pattern and since I wasn't paying attention, I started to applique the scalloped background. I have been gritting my teeth and stitching for two days now and all I can think is...How did I EVER think I could do a whole quilt this way?

I look at this and all I see is what a mess it is. I am so unforgiving and critical of my own work.

And after two days of gritting my teeth, I went back and looked at the pattern and to my chagrin discovered that the blasted scallops aren't appliqued at all, they are EMBROIDERED! I could have saved myself a ton of grief if I had looked at the pattern more closely. *sigh* I am such a moron sometimes LOL

PS I am not doing the whole quilt, just this one square.

PPS, I may not ever take the quilt patterns out of the package. Yikes.


Shanae said...

I think it looks great, and I really like the fabrics you chose! Now, be nice to yourself! LOL

Joy at Cupids Charm said...

I think it looks great too. Quilts are best when they are handmade and imperfect and stitched with love. That's what makes them so special. Give yourself a pat on the back for trying something new! I am sure it will be beautiful when you are done. ~ xoxo ~ Joy