Saturday, July 12, 2008

Shop Hop Recap

OH MY HECK! It just occured to me that I never did my shop hop recap. What was I thinking?

Shop hop was amazing again this year. I look forward to this shop hop all year long, it's a couple days I get to spend with my mom and my sister, doing what I love best...fabric shopping!

This year my mom's best friend Peggy flew from Alabama to join us. Last year was her first year to come out for the shop hop and she is hooked. She comes out and shops with us, and her DH who happens to be my dad's best friend comes out and they spend the weekend playing golf on every course they can get a tee time on. B usually tags along on a couple of the gold trips as well.

This year Peggy's daughter Amy came from Colorado to join us for a day or two as well. She is not a quilter, and she isn't in to fabric, but she came along just for the chance to hang out and have fun with us. I am glad she came, I haven't seen her in years, it was nice to reconnect. With our parents being best friends we grew up together but we only see each other about once every ten years now.

For the shop hop, there is a central theme, this year it was "Once upon a time" and each shop then chooses a sub-theme and makes a quilt to fit their theme. The store then gives a free pattern for their shop quilt which fits the shop's theme for that year. Clear as mud? It's fun to collect all the patterns, I like the way they did it this year, each shop made an individual quilt. Usually each shop makes an individual block and you combine them all together to make a quilt.

This year I focused on two main things, my Snapshots quilt and the fabrics I would need to make it. And finding some applique patterns. I was successful with both searches and the most important thing was, it gave me a focus so that I was concentrating on certain things rather than just buying everything I liked. I stuck to my budget (even came home with $4 to spare) and didn't end up with a bunch of fabric that I really like, but can't use in anything.

Now I just need to go MAKE something. I will post soon with pictures of everything I bought.


Liz said...

The shop hop sounds like so much fun! Theres only three quilt shops near here - each about an hour away and all in different directions... I really haven't quilted since my little ones were born. *sigh* Actually this summer is the first time I've really had the time to sew at all - its been wonderful. I need to put down the small projects and work on a quilt...

When you run away to the island you'll want to bring fabric...

Jacquie said...

Wow...what fun this must have been. So much eye candy! You asked in your comment if I quilt my own quilts. I do. Up until a bit ago I hand quilted everything I made. I'm experimenting with machine quilting. If I had the time I would hand quilt. I do love the look of it.