Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A new beauty

I had to be somewhere to meet someone. I was early because I sincerely loathe being late, I think it is disrespectful in the extreme.

Only this time, I over estimated a little, and I was early by about an hour. Oops.

But hey guess what? The place I needed to be was right next to my favorite thrift store so I thought...just to kill time you understand...I would stop in and say hi.

I had NO intention of buying anything. But when they have EXACTLY what you have been looking for, in pretty great condition...for $35, well, you just HAVE to. KWIM?

This little lovely, coupled with my new headboard should make a huge difference to my little shabby chic wanna be bedroom.

I know B loves it. And I know he's proud of it, but I am so done with the picket fence headboard. Not to mention that it's just too big for the new smaller bed hopefully on it's way in the next little bit. And none too soon I might add because after last night in the water bed my back is in full spasm, I can't even breathe this morning because my lungs expanding causes it to spasm harder *sigh*
(Forgive the ugly bedspread, this picture is several years old and I am too lazy to go take another one =0P)

Say a little prayer that we are able to get a new bed soon, I miss being able to walk upright =0P

PS, I also got all this for less than $8. It was a great day for deals!


em's scrapbag said...

Your finds are great! I'll keep hoping for your bed to arrive. Nothing is worse than not being able to get around like one would like. Love, Em

Magnolia Street Style said...

I could find a few places for a chest of drawers like yours. Great find. I bought an old dresser a few days ago at a sale. I'm waiting for hubby and the truck to pick it up. I can fit alot into my Honda Civic, but I couldn't squeeze this one inNow will you be painting it or leaving it natural?

Liz said...

Wonderful finds! That dresser is beautiful.