Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vintage Vignette

I spent the morning looking at "The Old Painted Cottage" blog and drooling. I would love to live in a mostly white and pink house but alas, B is very vocal about our home decor *sigh* and he is even more vocal about pink in the decorating scheme.

But here I sit, I am a GIRL to the very depths of my soul. I wish I could be five again so that I could wear the big frilly skirt that flares out when you twirl. I want ringlets and ribbons in my hair and I couldn't wait to grow up and have children so that I could dress my daughters in frilly dresses and ribbons.

So where then did all these boys come from? This isn't what I signed up for. Belching contests and trying to out stink each other's farts. Lego's, dirt, and rocks in their pockets, noise and chaos, wrestling matches and building forts. This isn't how I imagined my life as a mother would go.

Last night we took our boys to the Bees game. We were slaughtered by the Colorado Sky Socks but we had fun anyway. We, of course, had hot dogs for dinner (yuck) and the boys brought their mitts because they were convinced they were going to be the one who caught the foul ball that shot up into the stands (Alas, none came anywhere near us, I was glad about that, they were sorely disappointed).

Every so often I freak out a little at how quickly my boys are growing up. I swear just yesterday I was changing diapers and now they are almost as tall as I am (which really isn't saying much). But once in a while God is kind and reminds me that they are still little boys. Look at this picture, all three of my babies are staring at the mascot and not at the cute girls in short skirts. *Sigh* I still have a little time left before they spread their wings and fly away. Hmmm maybe I should have taken a picture of where B was staring LOL, then again maybe it's better to just be ignorant and pretend he was staring at the bee too =0P

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I have lived for 13 years now in a pink free home and finally I put my foot down. I told B that I can't deny my very nature, the part of me that craves soft girly things and pastel colors. I told him I will give in on the rest of the house and decorate in darker colors, but the bedroom is mine. I NEED to have a girly place. So he finally relented and told me I could have the bedroom, afterall, his eyes are closed 99% of the time that he's in there.

I am excited! I have a cute headboard (That he hates LOL) and I can't wait to paint it and make it shabby. My vision for the wall above our bed is shabby frames and floral china plates (he doesn't know this yet, I am just going to surprise him with it one day when he comes home from work LOL)

I started today by doing a trial paint job on some frames. All three of these frames started out the same gold plastic. I call them curly frames. I have collected these for years, they just sing to my soul. LOVE them (Of course B hates them as much as I love them).

I love the white one. I wasn't orginally going to shabby them, just let the light and shadows play off of the intricate textures, but the white looked too cold and stark against my already white walls. So I started with a little brown paint antiquing them, and of course if a little is good a lot is better and it ended up much more shabby looking than I had planned, but I like it anyway. I thought of maybe doing some white frames with a few pale pale pink and pale pale aqua mixed in, but this aqua is FAR too bright. Even with the white paint dry brushed over it. So I may put this one in the living room and try again for the bedroom. I want just a hint of color to them, very subtle. Or maybe I will just do all white and let the plates add color. I am still working this out in my mind.

And don't you love that pink brooch. I found it at my local thrift. It reminds me so much of my great-grandma I just had to have it. There was a lady there who had it in her pile and was looking at others still in the case and she was debating with the salesman about which ones she liked. She didn't want to spend that much to get all of them but she really liked this other one too.... I said "If you change your mind about the pink one, I would really like to have it, it reminds me of my grandma." then sort of walked away to give her some space to think. I heard her say "Who can argue with memories?" and she turned and told me I could have it. I could have kissed her!

I need to find some way to display in without it getting damaged. Any ideas?
I want to have it where I can see it.

Oh and look right behind my frames. I am SO excited! It's a Rachel Ashwell pillow sham, well two of them actually. I went to Salvation Army the other day, I don't normally go there because our store is pretty worthless, most of the time when I go in there I come out empty handed. But they had these two pillow shams and a duvet cover all together for $15 plus 25% off. I paid $12.38!

I wanted this duvet set SO BAD but it was before B and I made our deal and he wouldn't let me have it. It was close to $100 just for the Duvet, I don't remember the price of the shams. Then Target discontinued them and I was heart broken.

I hate duvet covers (they never seem to stay on right) so I will most likely cut this up and make a quilt out of it. I am just tickled pink!

Oh goodness, I've done it again. I am such a rambler, so sorry about that. I will shut up now and let you get on with your life =0)


joshua said...

Loved it and loved you too.


Heidi said...

Ooh, I love that photograph! Such a bunch of pretty things. :) I think you ought to put that gorgeous brooch in one of those curly frames! It looks like it would fit perfectly in the aqua square. Maybe I love how the aqua and pink look together, but if you don't like the blue how about just painting it with more white so just a tiny bit shows through? I like how a whole bunch of frames look when painted all the same color (or at least shades of the same color). I think it gives a lot of visual impact.

Love that duvet--I remember that pattern and I loved it too! What a great find!

Jennifer said...

You are so creative with the decorating! I love Target's Shabby Chic line. You should check eBay. I saw a brooch before-they had it in a little frame. They had covered the middle part with velvet, and then just stuck the brooch in that. It was very cute. If you like Shabby Chic you should check out www.shabbyfabrics.com. They have such an awesome selection!

Liz said...

I can't wait to see it all finished - it sounds great!