Monday, September 22, 2008

Moments of Peaceful Hilarity

I will be the first to admit that I was disappointed all three times when they said "Congratulations, It's a boy!"

What kind of mother says that? Ummmmm me apparently. The truth is, I didn't know the first thing about little boys, or how to raise them. How was I supposed to be a mom to boys? I am a girl in every sense of the word.

Yet here I was, three little boys later figuring out how to be a mother to boys one day at a time. I had never really been around boys. I only had a sister, and with the exception of one cousin (Hi Tony) all my cousin's were girls, on both sides of the family. Boys were just an icky, smelly, mystery to me and I preferred it that way. Well, until Jr. High anyway LOL

Life with boys is much louder, smellier, more exhausting and physically abusive than I than I ever imagined it would be. I swear, someone is always beating somebody up around here (Them, not me, just to clarify) and it is worlds apart from the way that I imagined my life as a mother would go.

My boys aren't real keen in sitting quietly and snuggling up with a book. They are much more likely to turn any snuggling moment into a wrestling or tickling match. So yesterday when my sweet baby (he's nine, don't tell him I called him my baby, he'd be SOOOOOO embarrassed =0P)came downstairs, fresh from the shower, smelling very un-boy like and climbed up in my lap for a snuggle, I was perfectly willing to let the world come to a halt and relish those few moments.

I sat there running my fingers through his hair and breathing in his clean baby soap scent, talking quietly about this and that, when my sweet beautiful boy with eyelashes that girls the world over would kill for, looked me in the face and went....

hhhccccct Ptuh! (Yep, the hawking and spitting noise, thankfully minus the spit) RIGHT IN MY FACE! I was literally stunned and sat there for several seconds with my mouth gaping open, not even sure how to respond to my child who just pretended to spit in my face!

He got a mischievous grin on his face and said "There, now you can see me! You're welcome." In his best little bird munching gremlin for Spiderwick impersonation.

I couldn't help it, I snorted, then I laughed 'til I had tears streaming down my face with him laughing right along with me. It was one of those moments where you finally stop laughing then you look at each other and start all over again. My quiet moment shattered, but oh man, how I love this little boy who always catches me off guard and makes sure my life is full of giggles and silliness.

As soon as we were able to get our hilarity under control we went upstairs so he could show dad his new impersonation. Dad didn't see the humor. *Snort* I still giggle every time I think of it =0D

And part of me is REALLY glad he has found something new to impersonate, I am a little tired of Jack Sparrow!


The Yeates said...

again, you make life fun... your such a good mom...

answers... I changed the slide show format.. and yes SK was freezing she is such an itty pitty thing and the sun was going down.

somehow I need your e mail address
are your parents back yet

em's scrapbag said...

Yes the world of boys is a whole new relm. Never a dull moment. I grew up with three sisters so imagine my shock at three sons.

The Yeates Clan said...

Oh the joys of boys! Wouldn't trade them for the world, spit burping in your face and all!

The Empty Envelope said...

I could have written your post, except I only have 2 boys.

They like to imitate wrestlers. They have finishing moves. They do not sit and quietly read or play for hours like my sister and I did.

But I love it. And at least you can get most stains out of the boys!

Elizabeth said...

I only have one litle girl and they arne't all hugs and flowers either. ;) I often wonder how queen bees do it though. My mother had a time with my brothers, always something broken, squished or someone being teased...but they were funny!

TaLaisa said...

That sounds so familiar, aren't boys a kick in the pants.

I love the surprise element of it, who'd think to do that??? Oh yeah, a boy.

Anonymous said...

He's a cutie- even if he is gross and full of cooties. ;) I grew up with no boys around, and now I have two of my own. Besides being into trucks and being rough and tumble, they haven't caused me too much grief. My daughter... well, I am not looking forward to the PMS years at our house. ;)