Saturday, September 13, 2008

Thinking about replacements

Because I can't stand the idea of going one day without Lucey's reminder wrapped around my finger, I started looking at Peridot rings online last night.

The problem with Peridot is that it is plentiful and not very valuable, so rather than give you a normal ring, with a normal sized stone, they give you an enormous stone and an often gaudy ring. It took me FOREVER to find Lucey's ring because I don't like big rings.

So I wasn't planning on really finding anything I loved last night, but I stumbled on this....

I love this for two reasons. #1 It's Lucey's birth stone. #2 It looks just like the promise ring that B gave me when we were dating (It had diamond chips in it though). It's X's and O's...get it? It's not really my style, but I am a sentimental girl and I love the idea of having a reminder of Lucey AND B all in one.

But then I can customize this ring and put whatever stones you want in it. How cool is that? And guess what? I can carry little reminders of my whole little family around on my finger! PK, K, B, Lucey, and PF all right there in one place. Don't their stones go pretty together?

Only problem is...since B cut his finger, he can't work. His work is kinda crazy when it comes to working with restrictions and since his doctor put on his note that he has to keep his finger clean and dry...they won't let him come to work. So we thought....once he gets his stitches out it will all be well, but no, he still has to keep it clean and dry. So, he still can't go to work for another week. So that is two and a half weeks of no work and no sick pay or vacation because he used it all when he had his hernia surgery. So.... we will be living tight for a while. But maybe by my birthday in May.

I still live with the hope that Lucey's ring will somehow magically reappear. Having that ring back would be my most hoped for outcome, but I can't imagine where it has gone or what has happened to it. Like I said, that ring and my wedding ring are a pair, I always wear both and it completely baffles me how I had my wedding ring on but not Lucey's. Where could it have possibly gone, and how could I not have noticed it coming off my finger?


Candice said...

That's really pretty Jeanette! I hope you can get it soon! :)

windycorner said...

Very pretty and what a nice way to honor your family.

Cami said...

Both beautiful! I love how they all look together. What a great way to remember.

Elizabeth said...

That is a beautiful ring. ((hugs))