Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my Dad's birthday, so in honor of the world's greatest Dad, I offer up these ten things I love most about him.

#1- He courted, then married my mom. He helped her to bring my sister and I into this world and raised us in the gospel.

#2- He lost sleep, weight, and nearly his job worrying over me, and my babies. He held their tiny bodies in his hands and blessed them, then later baptised them into the church.

#3- He taught me to love an appreciate classical music. He inspired me to carry on the family tradition and play the french horn, my greatest joy other than my children and family.

#4- He stood at the front door and scared the crap out of my boyfriends so they wouldn't ever dare do anything but behave themselves.

#5- He came out in the dark of night to rescue me from my prom date from He...well, you know what I mean.

#6- He walked me down the isle and forgave me for that isle not being in a temple.

#7- He rode the bus to work so that I could drive myself to high school.

#8- He let me move back in when I needed to, and encouraged me to go back home when it was time.

#9- He would get up early and take the twins when they were babies so that I could sleep. He watches the boys so that my mom and I can have girl time.

#10- He's my dad, that's the greatest gift he could have ever given me.

Happy Birthday Dad, I love you. Please live forever so I never have to know this earth without you.


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Kerry!

Mrs.Misses said...

Sounds like you are a very blessed woman!

Super Sly said...

Your dad is GREAT! He even took time out of his busy life for his nieces. I remember him letting me stay at his house and taking me to softball camps at the U. I will never forget that. Happy Birthday uncle Kerry!!!

CieAngel said...

I'm so glad you got the Angel Stitcher's package and like everything. Happy belated Birthday to your day.

Huggins family said...

HI i read a comment you left on my blog, thank you so much also if you don't mind me askin what did you little girl die of?

Becky K said...

What a great post. Tell your dad happy birthday! You have to enjoy dad's while you have them. ;)