Thursday, October 9, 2008

Still alive and Kickin'

Well, green week is officially over and I have to say, it was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be.

I thought we would all hang out, play board games, spend quality time together....yeah, not so much.

Basically the boys just went to their friends houses to play, and I was home all alone without a computer, TV, or stereo to keep me company.

We did decide to relax the restriction on the sewing machine, because really, I had to have SOMETHING to do and I will take some pictures of my projects. I read some books, I visited with my neighbor, and we lifted the ban on the TV for a couple hours on Saturday and Sunday in order to view LDS General Conference so that made things a little easier.

I love conference so much. I love the feeling it gives me, that my faith is invincible and I can do all things in Christ. I wish I got that same feeling of strength from church every week, but I don't. Sometimes I do, but mostly I don't. Maybe if I looked forward to church the same way I do Conferance, and if I had the same attitude, I would get more out of it, but usually church is more an exercise in patience that anything else LOL

I also have to say that I absolutely adore Joseph B. Wirthlin. I think he is probably my favorite apostle to listen to. He always makes me laugh and I laugh even harder because it takes his listeners a second or two to catch the joke because he doesn't change his inflection, he just waits for everyone to "get it". I think they just don't expect humor from this frail elderly man. I always breaks my heart to see how much he has aged. I hate the thought of future conferences when I won't be able to listen to his sharing of wisdom.

I also absolutely love, respect and adore our prophet. What an incredible man he is. I am grateful for his faith and testimony. It was so neat to be able to listen to him speak at each individual session that doesn't happen very often.

Ok, I am rambling and I need to go to bed, choir practice is at 7:30 tomorrow morning. I am so NOT a morning person!

Had a very fun experience today and I will tell you all about it tomorrow after I have had a chance to download pictures =0)