Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

This past weekend was so much fun.

On Friday I was off work for UEA, my mom took the day off as well and we went on the Holiday Shop Hop. I don't like this one nearly as much as I like the one in the spring, they allow chain stores like Ben Franklin and The Cotton Shop to participate and they aren't so much the stores I like to see. I like the little family owned quilt shops much better.

(Don't tell my mom I posted this picture, she didn't want me to take it because her hair wasn't done LOL I can't tell, can you?)
We only made it to half the stores, and my sister wasn't able to come with us, so it was just Mom and I. I bought some fat quarters to go with a wall hanging quilt I am making, but that's about it really.

Shanae is making the same quilt I am and I can't wait to see how they turn out. It is so fun to see how two people can take the same pattern and have it come out so completely different as we each tailor it to match our own styles. I already know mine is going to be way different because I am making it in aqua, lime, and red. I am not positive, but I think Shanae is going for darker, more subdued colors.

(Don't tell Shanae I posted pictures of her either...k?)
Anyway...Shanae came down Friday afternoon and spent the weekend at my parents for Dad's birthday. We spent the whole weekend sewing (Happy birthday dad LOL). In between yummy dinners and deserts we did anyway.

We all made a table runner from the Summer "Quilts and More" magazine. We changed it by putting red sashing between the blocks. I needed more red, what can I say, and mom and Shanae decided they liked the extra red also so they did it too. It was fun, hanging out with my mom and sister, listening to oldies on the cable radio station and chatting and laughing 'til our eyes watered. I love hanging out with them, I wish I could do it every weekend.

(Table runners L to R Mom's, Mine, Shanaes)

Even PK and PF snuck down for a bit to sew with us.
(Yes, I am aware that the proper grammatical way to say that is sneaked, but I hate the way it sounds, so I say snuck, deal with it =0P)

(I'm told this particular trait is an inherited one)

Poor StacyMae, my friend, I have had to cancel sewing plans with her twice now. If I had known we would be sewing all weekend anyway I would have just told her to come hang out at my mom's LOL. But she went scrapbooking instead so hopefully she will forgive me. *smooches*


The Yeates said...

your so lucky to have a mom that wants or can still do cool stuff with you. Mine only goes to the Doctor. dont tell her I said that.. PS I have a picture of your mom with her hair really not done from when we went to hawaii ... i could scan it ... but she would kill me if I posted it ...