Thursday, October 23, 2008


Eight Things

I was tagged by Sly, so here goes…

Eight shows I like to watch
1- Grey’s Anatomy
2- Jon and Kate Plus Eight
3- Basically any kind of medical show on TLC or DHC
4- NOT Spongebob!!!!

Eight Favorite Restaurants
1- Hires
2- Texas Roadhouse
3- Golden Coral
4- Other than Wendy’s etc we really don’t eat out much, maybe a couple of times a year

Eight Things that Happened to me Yesterday
1- I pinched a chunk out of my thumb with a Leatherman tool cutting a wire for Pk (Stupid move on my part!)
2- I went to work
3- I broke a blood vessel in my leg playing kickball with a third grader at recess
4- I spent some time chatting with old friends
5- I took the boys to basketball practice
6- I went to the library but forgot my dang card (I used to have the little one on the keychain, so I grabbed that and didn’t remember until I got to the library that they did away with the little cards and they are credit card sized now)
7- I read Nim’s Island with the boys
8- I finished the book I was reading for myself and started a new book

Eight things I’m looking forward to
1- Heaven
2- Starting on my 12 Days of Christmas quilt
3- Winter so my allergies will go away
4- The Halloween Carnival being over with so I can stop worrying about it

Eight Things I Love About Fall
2- Being able to walk without sweating to death
3- Watching my kids jump in piles of leaves
4- Pumpkins
5- Thanksgiving and Turkey dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy!
6- Conference weekend
7- Family drives up in the mountains
8- Holiday Shop Hop

Eight things on my wish list
1- Genesis paints
2- A Vacation
3- Money to play with guilt free
4- Another sewing weekend with my mom and sister
5- A date with B
6- Hair that does what I want it too and looks decent
7- Another child
8- Another child

I’m going to add eight things I’m grateful for
1- My children
2- My husband
3- The rest of my family, I’m a lucky girl
4- A home to live in
5- Cars that run
6- Jobs
7- Friends
8- The internet =0P

I tag everyone who reads my blog because I want to know what you all have to say!


Super Sly said...

I thought I was bad... 4 does not equal 8.

stacywhite said...

I was going to give you a hard time about that too. I can totally see the TV one but Restaurants....I can totally come up with eight!! I accept your tag, thanks.