Thursday, October 23, 2008

Along Comes A Stranger

This book is fluff at best. Light easy reading, easy enough to follow in the middle of the bleachers at basketball practice. A light piece that can be read in a single afternoon.

I picked this book up because it was one of the Reader's Choice Candidates at the library and I always try to read them all.

It was entertaining but not stimulating. There was no mystery to it at all, I knew right from the first introduction of Tom Baxter how the book was going to end.

I did enjoy the history lessons regarding the battlefields in Wyoming, and I did enjoy the paleontology tidbits included but over all, if you are looking for anything more than fluff, don't waste your time.

My biggest complaint was the cussing in this book. How many times can you take the Lords name in vain in 258 pages? I think Ms. Lawson set a new record. That was annoying.


The Yeates said...

ahhh but the photo on the cover is really cool..