Sunday, October 26, 2008

Life Writing prompt #300

I told B to pick a number for me and he chose 300 so my prompt for today...

Do you go out to eat, or to the movies, alone? Why or Why Not?

I am very self concious so I don't go out to eat by myself. I have been known to stop at Wendy's on my way home and grab something to bring home with me, but I don't go in the restaraunt, sit down, and eat by myself. I also can't see myself ever going to a sit down restaurant and eating alone, I am too much of a social person and I don't like to feel conspicuous, which I would be if I was eating alone. I would rather eat tuna sandwiches at home.

I have however gone to a movie by myself. Once. It was a couple years ago, the boys were in school full time and I was lonely. I felt like I was festering at home and needed to get out of the house for a bit. I am not much of a shopper, especially alone so I decided to go to the dollar movies. I went to see "Night At the Museum" and while I enjoyed the movie, it wasn't the same being there by myself.

The good-I actually got some popcorn, and no one fished all my drink.
The bad- There was no one to share my laughter at the funny parts, there was no one to ask for clarification when I missed something, and there was no hand to hold or shoulder to put my head on.

I think if I was desperate I would do it again, but I would much rather go WITH someone.


binders said...

Don't go alone! Call me! Now that my baby is in school part of the day, I have time to go Quilt Shop Hopping (see how I focus in on your 'weakness' to entice you?). Peamail me and I'll send you my number.

And thanks for your nice comments about my quilt. Now that I've given up scrapbooking (except for a digital yearbook), I feel a new crafty addiction coming on.

jacquie said... hubby and i were talking about this too...he and i have traveled for our jobs and having to eat alone in a restaurant is definitely not our fav thing.

VanC said...

I've actually ventured into the movies alone a few times. It is so not the same as having someone to elbow and whisper to, but not having to share the popcorn isn't really worth being by yourself.
Last week I did go out to eat lunch all by myself then I sort of chickened out and got my order to go. I truly need to get a life.

Super Sly said...

I've gotten used to eating alone. When going out of state for a match, I don't have much choice. Going to the movies alone though, does feel super lonely. I think about this type of stuff all the time.

PS: Thanks for the hilarious Birthday comments. I was laughing hard. I'll never forget the "human lemonade" you and Kimmie tried to make me drink. I was so picked on.