Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Next Thing On My List

This book was a fairly light read, I read it in a day and I enjoyed it.

The book is about June, a woman in her 30's who is living a stagnant life. She decides to lose the ten pounds that have creeped up on her and joins Weight Watchers, after the meeting is over, one of the other attendees, Marissa, is walking home so June kindly offers to give her a ride.

Sadly, there is an accident on their way home and Marissa dies. Included in the contents from June's car is Marissa's purse that has been dumped out and June finds a list of 20 things that Marissa wanted to do before her 25th birthday and June keeps it, thinking that it will be too painful for the family to see it.

On the six month anniversary of the accident and Marissa's death, June visits her grave, she is battling guilt and the feeling that the wrong person survived the accident. She feels it unfair that she, with her boring and purposeless life walked away, while Marissa who had dreams and goals died.

She decides to complete Marissa's list herself and the book is about the journey it takes her on. It is fun, and funny, and surprising in places. At times a little predictable, but over all a good read, I give it four stars.


The Yeates said...

can i borrow this