Saturday, November 15, 2008

Funerals, Eagles, and Falling Stars

I don't want to say I love funerals, because really, who can love something that is a direct result of someone's loss? But there is something special about funerals. Suddenly that person, no matter who they are, is transformed into someone good, strong, worthy, and admirable. All their mistakes are forgotten and the people who gather to remember them only remember the good things, the happy times, and the noteworthy accomplishments.

As we stood at the graveside service yesterday for my parent's best friends' son, I heard stories that made him sound to be a truly remarkable human being, and that is what I love. On the day you die, you become a much better person than you ever were in life and people love you ten times more for the memories left behind.

During his service, there was an eagle that circled overhead almost the entire time. Could it be that Brent, a man who hadn't walked in years, who spent the majority of his time in bed, or in a wheelchair, had been given the opportunity to become a man with wings for the span of his funeral? Was the man who wasn't able to get around in life suddenly able to soar above the trees in majesty and splendor?

How many people get to say they had an eagle attend their funeral?

After the service we went to the family dinner at the church and took care of things in the kitchen, replenishing food on the table and cleaning up so that the load would be lightened for my parent's friends. It was a great chance to get to meet the other children who all live out of state. The children I have heard so much about. I met Kim and her partner Linda whom I really enjoyed, we talked for quite a while and she is a great person, I can see why Kim loves her. I can't wait to see them again when they come for Christmas, we are all going to get together and go out for dinner.

On the way home that night B and I saw the most clear, bright, and stunning falling star of my life. It took several seconds for it to register on my brain that it was, in fact, a falling star because it was so bright and close. It was beautiful. Within seconds my phone rang, it was Dad who was in the car just up ahead of us, he said "Did you see that?". We did, it was incredible!


Liz said...

The eagle sounds wonderful. I truly hope it was him - finally getting his chance to soar.