Monday, November 17, 2008

There is Squallor All Around

A few years ago I was sitting in a waiting room reading a magazine and I read the most eye opening article. It was about people with OCD. In the article it stated that people with OCD often live in dirty, cluttered houses and that made total sense to me.

I couldn't wait to discuss it with my friend in our nightly chat and I wasn't surprised when she argued the point. She stated that if anyone lived in a spotless house, it would be someone with OCD. She's is wrong, allow me to explain.

For me, the idea of cleaning is overwhelming. I put it off and put it off because I know I am incapable of just cleaning. Take today for example.

I went up to quickly unload and reload the dishwasher. I started with the silverware holder, I removed it from the dishwasher and took it over to the drawer to put the knives, forks and spoons away. As I pulled the drawer out and noticed there were crumbs in the silverware divider. I went to the living room, got the vacuum out and vacuumed the crumbs from the holder, then I remembered A show I had seen on the news about vacuums spreading bacteria, and I didn't want that in a tray that held siverware that would be going into the mouths of my family, so I filled the sink with hot water, sprayed the tray with Lysol, let it sit for a few moments to make sure all the germs were good and dead, then I scrubbed it really well in the sink, dried it and put it away, emptied the silverware holder into the drawer then went to finish unloading the dishwasher.

I went to put the plates away and noticed that there was dust under the spining rack that we put our plates on, so I had to get a cloth, empty the cabinet, and wipe it out. At which time I noticed that someone had dribbled something down the front of the cabinet, so I went and wiped down the faces of all the cabinets in the kitchen.

During that time I noticed that there was a bunch of dust and cereal under the stove, so I had to pull the drawer out from under the stove and clean under the stove, then I noticed that there was dirt around the edges of the floor (Because B mopped last and he doesn't hand wipe around the edges, so he leaves little pools of dirty water), so I scrubbed all the way around the perimiter of the kitchen on my hands and knees. I scrubbed down the front of the stove, dishwasher, and pantry door, took everything out of the pantry floor level and scrubbed the floor in there, I cleaned the microwave and stove, changed the foil liners under the burners, and washed the walls.

Now an hour later I am absolutely exhausted and I forgot to start the dang dishwasher. I am not going back up there for fear of what will happen next *sigh*


The Yeates said...

that totally must be randy's problem... he can not clean because he has OCD... he will be so happy to hear he is not just sloppy

Shanae said...

Can I claim this reason too? I totally get the overwhelmed part!

Super Sly said...

That was exhausting just reading. I think I'll take a nap now.

stacywhite said...

I can so relate. I have started cleaning one room at a time for that reason. It may take me all day just get that one room clean. But man is it clean!