Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One Spoiled Spider

So I was wandering the isles of my favorite thrift store the other day and stumbled upon this little house for $1 and thought BINGO! This is perfect for Charlotte!

Originally I was happy letting her live out her life in a mason jar (Although getting food in to her was tricky because I was always afraid she was going to escape), but that was when I expected her to pass on to that great spider web in the sky soon. I figured with winter coming on, her days were numbered.

Then I googled Black Widows and found that while the males only live one year, the females can live up to five, and who knows how old our little beauty is? I couldn't let her live for years in a mason jar! So we got her a habitat and she moved in to her new home this afternoon.

At first she was more than a little reluctant to leave the old home behind. We had to coax her out of her glass jar, but she did a quick tour of the new digs and immediately started setting up house. She built her web between the little tree and the little hut there on the far right and then we dropped in a couple of crickets for lunch and she snatched one of those right up.

So here is our little spoiled spider in her new home, doesn't she look happy? And on a side note I googled this little bug habitat to see how much it normally runs... FIFTY BUCKS!!!!!!!! It comes with a little bug vacuum too, but seriously, who spends that kind of money on a BUG HOUSE? Yeesh!


Jennifer said...

Lord have mercy! That would NOT be in my house! I won't even let my husband get Liberty a lizard!

Dona said...

You are brave, my son was always bringing home snakes etc. Yuk!! All animals never pay off their morgages!

Super Sly said...

You guys are completely crazy! That just freaks me out, but is surprisingly cool at the same time.

Becky K said...

Dude, I'm proud of your find. And a little reluctant to meet your pet. But hey, Charlotte will never send you to the emergency the way my Bucket did. Score for you!

I was thinking that Charlotte had met her demise when you said spoiled. Never thought of it meaning new digs!!

Thanks for the help with the fusible web. You know all the cool stuff, don't you????

The Yeates said...

your are too funny ... what a cool mom

Billy Bob Bambino Bombabious Baby the Third said...

I can tell you how long a spider would live in my house - especially a black widow (a personal loathing towards black widows) - about as long as it takes me to find the nearest thing with which to strike it! We found two (!) on our back porch last summer and quickly dispatched them... I know spiders are helpful by controlling the insect population etc. But we have frogs, lizards, and geckoes down here that do the same thing - couldn't we get rid of spiders?!?

Liz said...

I'll tell you who - people with more money than sense!

I think it is grat that you are keeping her. I didn't realize just how BIG she was! WOW!