Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's a Cloche Call

It has been so long since I had time to sit and do anything crafty, and since I am currently out of reading material, and my computer was having issues, I grabbed a crochet hook and went to town.

I started with this fun little preemie sized cloche, it's the perfect size for my cute little dolly, isn't she adorable in her spiffy new hat?

The free pattern can be found here, and it's a charity pattern, all she asks is that you make a few and donate them to your local NICU. I have no problem with that as my local NICU is rather near and dear to my heart, for obvious reasons, I mean geeze, we only lived there for three months!

Anyway, I had so much fun with that one that I decided to make an adult size one for ME! And it turned out equally darling I have to say. The only problem is, I put it on my head and I look like a freaking idiot! I do NOT look good in hats. This is also a free pattern, found here, and while it says it is child sized, I made the large and used a bigger hook and it fits great, perhaps even a little big. Unfortunately the flower pictured is not included in the pattern so I used this flower for my hat. I just need to find a fun, funky button for the center now.

(Pst...Bill, I know how much you love the red and aqua combination, so I thought of you when I made this LOL)

If you decide to make some hats, let me know when you post pictures, I would love to see them. Now I am off to make a few more so the boys and I can take them up to the NICU =0)


Candice said...

VERY Cute Jeanette! I can't wear hats. I just look like a dork with them! LOL!

Melissa said...

So cute! I just got a cute hat with a flower for Emily. She can pull it off, I cannot. I love that you are making them for the NICU, wish I had that talent and I would make a bunch too.

The Yeates said...

cute hats... I wish I had time for another hobby ... hey .. i have a butt load of batting that I do not need ... do you want it.. it is all odd shaped.. once upon a time it was full or queen size and I cut out what I needed for pillow blankets..... let me know cuz if not monday I am taking it to the DI

Becky K said...

These hats are amazing. Is there anything that you DON'T know how to do??