Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our Christmas Tree

Well, I finally bit the bullet and decorated our tree today. I had to go somewhere and the lady picking me up was about 20 minutes late and I had to do something while I was waiting, might as well get this thing done...right?

So it's done, it's finished. I'm not thrilled, but I don't hate it enough to do it over.

I don't think I am going to let B be in charge of the bead garland again next year. He's just not nearly as anal as I am when it comes to some things (in other things he has me beat by a long shot!)

I tried this year to bring a little of the aqua blue into the color scheme and I think that is what I didn't like. I removed all the blue and suddenly I liked the tree better.

I put my most favorite blue ornaments on the little (shockingly) green tree by the red door. They are still highlighted but not messing up the feel of my main tree.

I still have the dining room tree, and the family room tree to decorate, and they may just not get done this year. I am treed out.


Liz said...

They look great! I love your photos - they look amazing.

Melissa said...

You guys are in our prayers!

The Young Family said...

Your tree looks very pretty, how do you do it? Mine is mostly tacky, I mean adorable, ornaments my kids make at school!