Friday, February 6, 2009

Birds in a basket

Well, it's that time of the month...and no, I don't mean THAT time of the month, Aunt Flo is loooong gone around here, incinerated in some big furnace at the hospital along with all the rest of my girly innards.

So, here is my Bunny Hill block of the month- Block 2.

I love this pattern, I am really digging birds lately, however I don't love the finished product as much as I loved my snowman block. Not sure what it is that I don't like about it...not enough contrast in the birds? No yellow? Who can say, I only hope that once it is surrounded by other colorful blocks it will perk up a little. It just seems kinda...diminishing.


Melissa said...

Thanks for the prayers. It has been kind-of a rough week. But what do you do? I love, love, love your elephant and bubbles quilt! Oh and Tony changes the picture everyday. It's his little contribution to the family blog. :)

Shanae said...

LOVE the block! That chicken wire background fabric is adorable. And how can you go wrong with birds? LOL