Sunday, March 1, 2009

A busy week

This has been a full week for me. I was supposed to have the week and had lots of relaxing and sewing planned but...

Tuesday- Asked to work in office so the other secretary could attend a funeral

Wednesday- Worked to help Reading Specialist, then fabric shopping with mom that evening.

Thursday- B off work, spent all day running errands and taking car in for new tires and windsheild. Left home around 11 and didn't get home til 9:00 that night *Sigh*

Friday- Choir Practice for school choir, Went to see "Bolt" with Merry Grandma, Aunt Ally slept over.

Saturday- Lunch at Arctic Circle (gag) with Sherie Grandma and cousin's Kailey and Dillon, then off to Gardner Village to feed the ducks and play.

Saturday night- Phantom of the Opera with Mom- It was WONDERFUL! Christine had the most amazing voice, I'm jealous.

So lots of activity and absolutely no resting and sewing going on.


DottieLou said...

but it does sound fun

Mary said...

You sure did have a busy week! Sounds like there was lots of fun times/things!!

ps- love the new background!

craftwithme said...

Better busy than bored?