Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Heavy Hearts and a prayer request.

Losing Lucey was the hardest thing I have ever gone through. So much harder than infertility or premature babies or any of my many and varied health issues. I would take all of the above ten fold to be able to forgo the loss of my daughter and it is with that in mind that I ask you to pray for my friend tonight.

Two years ago this month my friend Mara gave birth to an angel baby girl. My heart broke for her because I knew her pain.

My heart is breaking for her again. Three days ago she gave birth to a sweet little boy, nine weeks premature. He is very, very sick. They are running tests and trying to help him but not much is known at this point. He is unresponsive and they are guessing at a heart attack, a stroke, or a seizure.

Please pray for my friend, her husband, and their sweet baby. They need all the prayers and love we can send them.


Becky K said...

OH, I love that you put this out. I'm so close to that family (you know why) that I hesitate to say too much on my blog. But I'll keep praying for them. It just breaks my heart.

DottieLou said...

you can count on me

Queen of the Armchair said...

Hi...my Thoughts and Prayers are with you...and also for your Friend Mara, her Husband and their Dear Sweet Baby...Hugs to you, Dzintra XX