Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Meet Rhino

We gave the boys $50 for their birthday this year. Between listening to them complain that we never get them what they really want, and our desire to teach them that money doesn't really go as far as they think it does... it seemed like a great time to do it.

So PF chose to spend his money on a hamster. We drove to Bountiful to our favorite pet store and not only did he chose this adorable little critter, he also made sure his new dependant had everything he could possibly need to lead a happy life. I feel like he was very responsible and really thought it through, he bought food, water bottle, treats, toys, mineral wheel, bedding and wood shavings.

He set up a little table next to his bed where Rhino would live, which lasted all of about ten minutes past bedtime when he realized that..."Mom, he is WAY too noisy, I can't sleep!" and I had to agree, we tried to say "Well, we told you that before you bought him, and now it's something you will have to live with." Which lasted up until ten minutes past MY bedtime when I realized that this little rodent running rampant on a pink spinning wheel was really loud in my bedroom across the hall as well.

Now Rhino has taken up temporary residence on the plant stand in the dining room until it's warm enough to move him downstairs to the family room.

PS Yes, the cage is pink, it's PF's favorite color, what can I say.

PPS he's pretty darn cute dontcha think?


DottieLou said...

he is cute ... what did the other one get

Jackie said...

Cute! Those nocturnal animals can really mess with sleeping!

DottieLou said...

HI.... answer to post... yes fabric wound around rope and then hand sewed together... takes for fricking ever... I will get a picture of Sadies when she finishes..she is just learning to sew so it is taking her longer... plus she has a baby that reguires a lot of attention . Her fabric is Mary Englebrite... somethings about flowers.

Extra strips... look at the moda bakeshop site.. there is a cute bag I am going to make ... but I will still have extras even after that.

Easter.... was never a big gift giving family get together at our house... so his first Christmas will be much more fun... Now Riley will be much more fun at Easter... but it is also Zach's birthday... so double duty that day... and Randy will be working so uneventful at our place..

I hope that is all the questions..

CountryMouse said...

Hi Jeanette,
Your post really made me smile. One of my daughters has two hamsters who I must admit are really cute but when we bought the first one we experienced exactly the same. Not having hamsters before we were unprepared for the 'joys of the wheel' late at night - lol. I think some nights she hid the wheel when it got too bad.
The hamster is a real cutey. They are really sweet pets and have such character. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with him.
Blessings and Happy Easter,

Anonymous said...

That's cute!!! I'll (hopefully) never have one, but it's cute at your house!

Also, your treadmill post really DID inspire me. I've been using mine now. Thanks for the push!