Saturday, May 30, 2009

Girl's Day

My Mom, Sister, and I had our girl's weekend this weekend. We only ended up having today instead of the whole weekend though.

Mom worked on her BOM block and started on a new wall hanging. Shanae worked on curtains for her back door, and I put my mini quilt top together.

This top was a little tricky because when I trimmed these triangles off of the blocks on my other quilt, I didn't really plan to make a quilt with them at the time, so I wasn't as careful as I could have been to get them perfectly even.

So...some seams are a little off. Some points are cut off, and in general it's nowhere close to perfect, but....I made something out of what many people would have considered waste, so in the long run I am happy with the outcome!

I love getting something from nothing, I love taking something that someone else would have thrown away and turning it into something lovely.

On another note, I had to stop at Walmart to get some more of the canvas colored cloth. I know, I know...Walmart fabric is pretty crappy, but this canvas colored muslin with the little brown flecks in it is my all time favorite fabric to stitch on, it is nice and heavy so I don't have to back my stitcheries with batting to hide my threads.

Anyway, while at Wally world I bought some cheapy fabrics to practice making Dresden Plates on. I want to get all my practicing in on the cheap fabrics before I tackle the nicer (Pricier) fabrics. I'm cheap that way. So be on the lookout for a cute, but crappy fabric dresden plate mini quilt coming up =0P


Anonymous said...

What's a dresden plate?

Shanae said...

Can't wait to see this quilt hanging on the wall when I'm there for the shop hop! And I can't WAIT for the next girl's weekend, so we can get started on that mini pinwheel quilt!

Billy Bob Bambino Bombabious Baby the Third said...

One of the marks of a true artist is the ability to make a product that is human (meaning, flawed). This does not detract from the work, in my mind. I think our world places too much emphasis on the technically accurate and precise, forgetting that it is the human touch that creates meaning. A machine can quilt faster and more technically accurate than any human could. But machine-made products are never masterpieces because they have removed the master. I try to tell my son that when he plays the piano, also.