Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What a Week!

So, this week has been NUTS!

#1- It was my last week of school, I had to have all my testing scores turned in, all my paperwork done, and my classroom cleaned out. It was a little depressing moving my classroom to the boiler room. I am homeless next year *Sniff* I will be rotating into off track classrooms, which basically means I have to pick up and move every two weeks. It's going to be horrible! But more than anything, I am really going to miss the kiddo's that I have worked with this year. They have worked so hard and been so amazing! I have three kids who have gone up six reading levels since February! That is just astounding to me. I love to see it when it clicks in their little minds and all of the sudden they can just READ! It's a great feeling and so validating for both them, and me, to know all our hard work is paying off and they are so proud of themselves.

#2- My identity has been stollen. Someone has opened email accounts in my name and used credit cards to by drugs from online pharmacies. It's a sickening feeling! I have spent the last week trying to get it all straightened out with the police department, the bank, and the internet crimes people. I feel so violated. What is sad is that these sicko's are LOCAL. They have had the drugs shipped to my actual house. The policeman told me that they do this because then the shipping address matches the addres on the credit card, that way it doesn't raise red flags. Then, they follow the package with the tracking number to see when it will be delivered, then just pick it up off the front porch. That scares the tar out of me, I don't want these people anywhere near my home, or my family.

#3- I don't think it's ever going to stop raining. Not that I am eager for the heat of summer to arrive mind you, I am just a little weary of the grayness and wetness of it all (But aren't my boys cute?)

#4- With all the crap going on, I TOTALLY forgot about my drawing. I had the boys draw a name tonight and forgot to take pictures, sorry, you're just gonna have to trust me on this one. The winner is VanC! Congrats! Here is a picture of your prize. You get to be the very first recipient of my very first pattern! How lucky are you? I hope you enjoy it!


UnseasonablyWarm said...

Man, all that SUCKS! (the classroom and the ID theif stuff). I can see how it would scare me. But I would steak out my porch and then nail them and have my big-guy neighbor jump out from behind them and throw a net over them and hold them until the cops arrived.