Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hometown Tourists

Our planned vacation to Washington State had to be cancelled due to the current economy and since we were supposed to be on vacation during this track off, and we didn't get to go, I decided we should have a "Staycation" and be "Hometown Tourists".

Yesterday we rode the train downtown and visited the Church History Museum for the LDS Church, Temple Square, The Conference Center, The Beehive House, and The Salt Lake City Library.

Today I will share some of the Church History Museum. I love museums, they are some of my favorite places, and the boys really seemed to enjoy this one as well.

*Note-I left the collage files large so that if you would like to see detail you can click to enlarge the pictures.

PF was fascinated by all the guns (no surprise there).

I was really intrigued by this. It's a sampler stitched by a young girl and she stitched the words with her own hair. Kind of gross but fascinating at the same time. The museum was full of antique samplers and I was in heaven!

Some of the other samplers there

There were also many beautiful quilts on display, this one was made by the Relief Society in 1872.

Here is a close up of one of the amazing flower blocks.

Other Quilts

This is an example of a wedding dress, I was amazed at how tiny it was. This woman couldn't have been more than 4 1/2 feet tall. I am short for this day and age at 5'3" but I felt so huge next to this tiny, delicate dress. Also pictured are a sealing altar (For weddings) and a pair of doors from the Salt Lake Temple.

There is also a children's area of the museum with all kinds of hands on activities for them to participate in.

PF enjoyed playing doctor with the babies. He chose a little baby and weighed her, dressed her, gave her a check up, and we made a little birth certificate for her. We named her Hortense Fargenfeffer (poor child). Her mother is 102 years old. Not quite as old as Sarah, but getting up there.

PK and K spent their time building temples with building blocks. I was really impressed with both of their temples, this one is K's. PK took some time out from Temple building to tie a few knots in the quilt.


DottieLou said...

how fun .. I have always wanted to do that... Tried once when the kids were smaller.. but they were teenagers and it did not work so well

barbara@quiltsoup said...

Sorry I missed you when you came to the booth. It seemed to me that I never left it but I must be wrong!