Monday, May 18, 2009


Sometimes I wonder why, or even how, we just keep plugging along despite the obstacles and set backs in our way.

My mom was laid off today...again!

They laid her off four years ago because they did away with her job.

They hired her back to replace someone who was retiring.

So now, here she is four years later and they are eliminating another job, only they aren't laying off the woman who had the job they eliminated, they are laying off my mother because the other woman had more seniority. This woman is going to take my mother's job.

Not only did they lay her off, but she gets the joy of training her replacement. It's just one of many slaps in the face she received today along with a bunch of promises made that were slowly rescinded throughout the day.

Four years ago when they laid her off, seniority wasn't taken into account, it was just "We are eliminating your job, goodbye." Now all of the sudden seniority is important?

And why doesn't my mother have seniority? Because when they rehired her, they made her start at the bottom of the totem pole seniority wise. So despite the fact that she has worked for this company for 30 some odd years, she only has FOUR years that count towards her current seniority.

She is so sad, she feels lost, and unwanted. It breaks my heart to see her. I wish they would reconsider. My mom is the best there is at her job, but that's apparently not good enough.

She is scared and worried and feeling like she has no value in the world. I hate that she feels that way. I hate that they have done this to her.

I know she isn't the only one to lose her job in this economy, and that there are families hurting and struggling everywhere. My prayers are with all of you, but today, I am just going to be sad for my mom.


Super Sly said...

I'm sad too... Your mom is the best, and the greatest thing I remember her for is what a hard worker she is and her willingness to help everyone. I'm praying that there is reason for all of this and there is something greater waiting for her just around the corner.

Melissa said...

Dang it! She is in our prayers also.

DottieLou said...

last time this happened it was a blessing she was home to help all those that had health problems... hopefully the same is not in store.. but God knows all things something will work out.. tell her we love her

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