Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another Marathon Update

Another busy, chaotic week has gone by.

The boys had their choir concert, they did so well, it wasn't without it's hitches, but considering how unprepared we were, it actually went far better than I expected.

HMQS Quilt show with my mom. It was fun, I will do another post with some of my favorite quilts from the show, but for now, I will leave you with this one. It's called "Weekend in Paris" and I LOVE it so much! I bought the pattern for it and I believe I already have enough fabric to make it. I think my plan for my bedroom quilt has just been changed. I was however disappointed with the shopping, I didn't even buy anything other than the pattern, two yards of jumbo ric rac in a butter yellow, and a set of patriotic fat quarters. There was nothing new and exciting at the show, it was like all the vendors saved their old crap that they can't get rid of and then brought it to the show. Nothing was discounted, and everything was old. It was disappointing. I am used to scrapbook shows where everyone brings the latest and greatest.

**The morning after the quilt show my was really really sick. She had been up vomiting all night. I told her I was going to come take her to the doctor because I was worried about her. The doctor said she tested positive for strep but he didn't think that was what she had, he thought it was probably a false positive. My mom really scared me, her skin was gray, she was listless and confused. She was dizzy and couldn't stay awake. She was pretty sick for several days and just as she was starting to feel better, I caught it *Sigh*. Luckily I only felt moderately cruddy for about two days, other than the headache I am feeling much better today!

**Preemie hats in the mail! An online friend sent these darling hats to me to add to the stack of my own hats that we are going to be taking up to the NICU in a week or two to celebrate 10 years since we brought the boys home from the hospital.

**My sewing room. B has spent the week moving my sewing room from it's previous location into the storage room that will be my new sewing room. He is going to use my old sewing area in the computer room to build his race track and train layout. I had looked forward to spending my three weeks off from school sewing, but alas, there won't be any sewing going on in here for a while. What a nightmare!

Other than all of the above we have cleaned out the storage room and listed a bunch of stuff on KSL. Three couches, a chair, four Little Tykes cars (That sold in the first hour) a dressing table, a baker's rack and more. I can't wait for it all to be GONE! We want to use the money to buy a new couch for the family room.

Hope everyone else is having a great week! Here is to being FLU FREE!